Senator Chris Murphy was a guest on September 11, 2020, at Modern Plastics. After a tour and learning more about what prompted the visit … Modern Plastic adapting its business to meet the needs of personal protective equipment in the early stages of the pandemic … he shared:

“I’m impressed,” Murphy told them. “I hope you understand the lives you are saving by almost overnight pivoting the business. Healthcare workers, first responders, teachers now are protected. This is legacy stuff you can tell your kids and grandkids about. I am so thankful for folks like you and the leadership you have.”
Murphy said he intends to tell Modern Plastics’ story to Congress and make the Shelton business part of the permanent medical supply chain being set up.
“We shouldn’t have been so dependent on other countries to produce life-saving materials,” he told them. “It’s critical that medical supplies be produced in this country.

Congratulations to Bing J. Carbone, Modern Plastics President, and his team. Your North American Plastics family is very proud of your work and commitment to serving the community! #ModernPlastics #AmericanMade #USA #AmericanMadePPE #NorthAmericanPlastics